Chicago to Clarion

Fall 2014 I thought I had it all planned out…

My now husband, Sam had just accepted an offer to work at Andersen Tax in Chicago. He completed a summer internship at their San Francisco branch and we were thrilled to have him working in the midwest.We were even more thrilled when we discovered that I could student teach in Chicago. This meant that we would only have to spend a semester apart.

For as long I can imagine, I wanted to live in Chicago. I visited it with my family when I was younger, and I was hooked. I was enchanted by the buildings and the merging of cultures. It was a dream come true.

Last spring I taught at University of Chicago Woodlawn High School and Sam worked downtown. I was scared. From my freshman year of college I thought that I wanted to teach middle school. So, I requested all of my placements and volunteer work be that age level. After being told by a Central College graduate that worked at Chicago Public School that no school would hire me if I did not have both, I asked my placement to be high school.

It was different from anything that I have ever experience. The first difference was travel. I did not have a car, so I was at the mercy of Chicago Public Transit. I spent anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to get to work. I started with a full tervis of black coffee that usually needed be filled before bus 3.

But hey! I could spit and find a coffee shop.

The other difference was the culture of the school. I have never cried so much. Some of it was the usual frustration that comes with student teaching, but most of it was the hurt that I saw in my students’ eyes.

Somewhere in the crazy, I fell in love with teaching High School.

It was home.

It was going out on any given weekend with Sam and finding a new neighborhood or a new place to eat.

Then came the job search.

Since Sam worked downtown, I could work any neighborhood in Chicago or suburb. I filled out a total of 108 applications. The only phone call that I got back was a school looking for maternity leave starting the last 2 weeks of my student teaching.  My only option was to either work as a sub, or start looking for a job outside of teaching.

It was then that Sam’s parents suggest I look at Clarion Goldfield Dows. There was an opening as a High School English Teacher/Librarian. I was very hesitant. How could they hire me? I have zero experience running a library. Heck, my school in Chicago did not even have one.

I sent my resume and cover letter, and within 10 minutes I was setting up a time with the principal to be interviewed.

I was not supposed to be teaching in Iowa. I was gone. I was off on my adventure with Sam. I was wrong. Despite my expert planning, I could not have planned a better experience than this.

I am blessed beyond imaginable.

I am promoting the love of reading and the love of writing. I am teaching alongside an amazing team of educators to an outstanding group of young learners.

I am already off and running. I cannot wait to share all of the exciting things that I have been doing so far.

-Love, Mrs. Moore 🙂








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