#SOL17 Refreshing Weekend

As Friday rolls around at my high school the small talk discussion question is always, “so what are your plans this weekend?”.

My Saturday and Sundays are my relaxation days. It is how I cope with the ongoing stress of being an English teacher.

On Saturdays I wake up around 9:00 and my husband and I make a monstrous breakfast. It is the only breakfast that we eat together all week and so we cherish it by clogging our arteries with fat and sweet breakfast goodies. The rest of the day is spent doing small excursions.

On Sundays I wake up to a fresh pot of coffee delivered in bed by my husband. I do not leave bed until CBS Sunday morning show is over. Eventually I bathe and get ready for church. After church it is Sunday lunch. The rest of the day is devoted to organizing and preparing for the week.

It is my system and it works.

This weekend is different. Tomorrow I am attending an Iowa Council of Teachers of English (ICTE) Writing Retreat and on Sunday I am driving a student to Poetry Out Loud.

It is no secret at my school that I am introverted. I relax most evenings with solitary yoga or a long bath. I enjoy being alone or just with my husband and dog.

So, this may be why I got some strange glanced when I shared my weekend plans.

This weekend is a different kind of refresher.

Whenever I am around the ICTE clan I am invigorated and re-charged. When passionate people gather, creativity is sparked. I am a better teacher, because I stay involved with others.

Poetry Out Loud will remind me why I teach. It will remind me I am here to inspire and encourage students to believe in theirselves.

We are in the final leg of the school year race. This weekend will help me finish the race strong.




5 thoughts on “#SOL17 Refreshing Weekend

  1. I guess this means I’m an introvert, too. The busy teacher life has kept me from really thinking about it.. head above water and all.

    BUT! This is along the lines of what I’ve been thinking regarding recharge throughout the year. I’m currently looking for a writing group — and then I have this community for a month.

    Introvert, indeed! Thank you for your post!

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  2. Have fun at the writing retreat. Wish I could be there, but this introvert is heading to visit her mom for the weekend. Other weekends, I’d be doing the same thing as you .

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  3. I’m in Canada, and I think my Poetry in Voice is like Poetry Out Loud. I don’t consider myself an introvert (though I am more so with age), but I marvel at the guts it takes these kids to stand up and share themselves through poetry.

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  4. Sometimes you get to take a break from the routine, even when the routine is as soul regenerating as your normal weekends. Enjoy this break, it sounds like a great time will be had. Expect some wonderful posts will come from it.


  5. I feel the same way about my VSRA colleagues, so your description of connecting with your ICTE colleagues resonated. We have a conference coming up later this month and I’m looking forward to that inspiration.


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