#SOL17 What Shell I Write About

Today I spent a wonderful day with my tribe. After a short nature walk I found a handful of small shells. This is a short poem that I wrote on my yoga mat by a small pond. Any feedback is welcomed. I normally do not write poetry.

Among the forgiving mud, you lay nestled among decaying leaves

Disguised among the rabble of stones.


How is it you came to be here?


When the tides rose did you stand your ground

Did you topple down from the skies uneeded?


Your ridged conical spire once a sparkling white,

Has become tainted in your attempt to fit in.


At one time you would you resonate your song to anyone

Who would just get close enough to hear you…


Where did your spirit go?


Now cracked, your song is lost

You have allowed the world to break you


But, you are not broken.


5 thoughts on “#SOL17 What Shell I Write About

  1. Great use of descriptions. O enjoyed this piece. I’m not sure about “laid nestled” in the opening line, though. It felt strange and made me stumble reading. I like the image of the forgiving mud, but maybe lay is better than laid?
    I love the ending, though. It ties back to the “forgiving” image in the opening. Excellent courage sharing first run poetry!

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  2. I like your poetry very much. You are excellent in your ability to observe things and then express yourself in ways we all innately feel. I am delighted. To read your thoughts. I have written for years but never had the confidence t o share my thoughts. Great work.

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  3. I think that it’s great that you explored poetry in this slice. You used some powerful words in this poem, from “nestled,” “disguised,” “topple,” and “tainted.” Thank you for sharing this inspiration from your walk!

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