#SOL17 Word of the Day

I have always had a fascination with words. I think it stems from my 5th grade teacher.

Mrs. B mystified the school with her long printed skirts and crazy antics. Her pet rabbit would nibble on student work and would frequently escape and hop down the school hallways.

She taught me yoga, chess, and how to build fantastic machines and inventions.

Every morning I would rush to her room and grab a little water machine on her desk. If you flipped the machine over, bubbles would cause gears to spin. She told me that if I could explain how the machine worked, I could keep it.

For 3 years I told her all of my crazy hypotheis and she smiled and encouraged me.

But, the reason that I remember her the most was her CRAZY spelling words. As a 5th grader one of the words that I had to learn was phantasmagoria.

A few weeks ago a few students requested a spot of my white board to share their love of vocabulary. After school these students take 5 minutes to write a new and creative word to share with all of my classes.

The last week there were words such as anthropomorphism, erinaceous , and cajoe.

I encourage my other classes to use the word of the day in their writing prompts.

More recently they have requested another spot to create a fake word of the day. I told them they were my modern day Shakespeares and allowed it.

I look forward to the end of the day to see what they will share with me next.

It is wonderful to come full circle.

Comment your favorite word! 🙂

Kristina Moore is an English Teacher Librarian at a small Iowa high school. She likes to think of herself as a writer(ish). This is her first year of teaching and first year of SOL.



One thought on “#SOL17 Word of the Day

  1. This took me back into my own word memories–I had a class one year who first requested a word of the day, and then started sharing their own. You’re right–you start looking forward to seeing what they come up with for their word.


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