#SOL17 Mama’s Cherry Pie

My mother a few weeks into dating my father decided to have him over for a home cooked meal, a luxury for any college student. 
In this meal she decided to prepare all of his favorite foods. Above all, she was going to try to bake a cherry pie for the first time.
She spent hours creating a pie filling, both sugary and tart. The only short cut that she was going to take was the crust. 
It was not far into dinner preparation until things went south and south fast. When my dad arrived, the meal was a disaster.
After they were done eating the mess my dad told my mom, “At least the pie was good.”
It was a few months until my mom fessed up to the pie crust being store bought. 
The lesson being, always try something before you serve it to someone else. 
I have carried this life lesson into my teaching. The next project that my students are working on is multi-genre research papers.
Before I have my students start this process, I wanted to create one as an example. 
After brainstorming possible topics, I figured I would use my resources. I asked one of our history teachers.
It was amazing to see his face light up. His suggestion was Fu-go balloon bomb in WW2. He even shared a podcast on it. (I love podcasts). He even offered to create a list of topics that he would suggest for history.

I am excited to try this project out. I love how it forces you to look at one topic several different ways.  I am also excited to work with a colleague.


3 thoughts on “#SOL17 Mama’s Cherry Pie

  1. This makes me think of something a colleague was doing when we started the new UOS. If a student was having a hard time adding dialogue, have him write a play. If a student was struggling with description, have him write a poem. There was one more, but I can’t remember it. Best of luck with your endeavors!


  2. The story of your parents and the cherry pie is cute! I’m completely guilty of trying new things out on guests. But usually guests who couldn’t care less if the chicken or dessert is a flop or a win…there’s always back up, and I have friends with good sense of humor.


  3. Yes! I will be doing this one more time this year, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. I keep thinking of more kinds of genre pieces that students might try that are more tech-forward. I’m excited to hear more! 🙂


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