#SOL17 Book Interview 

You know that feeling when you can’t laugh at something, but you want to laugh. Then that makes it even more funny?

This was me today. 

One of my students read Friday Night Lights a Town a Team a Dream. I live under a rock and I have neither read the book or watched the tv show. 

I had no idea the main character nickname was Boobie. 

It took me by surprise when in the interview he kept saying boobie. 

I thought that he was mispronuncing Bobbie.

I have a really good relationship with this student. I think he is a great kid, but I could see him mispronunce a name. 

I starting laughing interally.

My abs were contracting, my face was red, and a single tear fell from my face.

My silent, yet very clear laughter, took down the whole class. 

The infection started. 

Student had to put their face down to hold in their laughter. 

As soon as the interview was over, the classroom exploded.

A good minute of laughter and my student let me know that Boobie was his nickname. His real name was James. 

Sometimes, it is nice to laugh as a class.  🙂


8 thoughts on “#SOL17 Book Interview 

  1. I’m laughing reading Boobie. Killer nickname for a character and I never knew such books existed. There is no James/Boobie in the show. I was an avid watcher. This slice is so perfect though; you captured the moment entirely. It’s as funny to read as if feels I was to experience!


  2. I was unfamiliar with the book and show as well until I had a group choose to read it together. When I came over to read with them it shocked me. They noticed and told me that they just say Bobbie.
    But I’ve also had that moment where I’m trying to contain my laughter, usually over something silly or stupid! and my students notice and call me out on it and then we’re all laughing. Those are good moments. 🙂


  3. OMG – I LOVE this story! Reminds me of my first year of teaching, when I laughed at everything they did. They were in trouble all the time. That’s when I realized I am entertained by bad behavior. I wrote about this topic in Curb your Laughter https://theauthorspurpose.com/2017/03/13/curb-your-laughter-sol17/ Your piece moved beautifully from line to line – the fact that the kids were realizing your reaction, but held it in until the end is priceless. Loved this line – “My abs were contracting, my face was red, and a single tear fell from my face.”


  4. Oh yeah, I’d be laughing too. With middle schoolers, you can’t help it! Sometimes it’s nice to give them that permission to laugh at something a little silly. 🙂


  5. Your post made me laugh out loud! I also have a hard time keeping a straight face when something funny happens in my classroom, so I know how challenging it is to keep in the laughter:)


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