#SOL17 Spring Weather Spring Cleaning 

This is my first slicing experience and I have have a confession to make.

Until yesterday, I had not read the blog of the day. I just posted my blog at the end of the day and rushed to get my comments in.

It was refreshing. 

The blog post suggested writing about clutter. So, I wrote about my current clutter situation.

I went to bed yesterday determined to clean. I woke up this morning and I instantly regretted my decision. 

I made a pot of coffee and crawled back into bed to watch CBS Sunday Morning. 

Low and behold, one of the segments was on de-cluttering with Ms. Kondo.

I have not read any of her books, but I have heard of her. 

Her main idea, if it does not bring you joy, get rid of it. 

In the next week I plan on slowly de-cluttering my home. 

Spring weather calls for spring cleaning. 

Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “#SOL17 Spring Weather Spring Cleaning 

  1. I always mean well but never finish decluttering. I have decluttered my desk at school tho, and that feels good each night leaving it tidy. Good luck next week!

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  2. I clean out my entire list of belongings every three months and call it “the purge”. Anything un-used or with no emotional connection…..gone! Just like that. I always bring everything purged to my younger cousins and friends as a “hand-me-down” swap session. It’s fun to see it all go to good use too.

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  3. I pretty much NEVER feel like doing the cleaning tasks I decide to start “tomorrow.” There are so many more interesting things to do in life! But it is also true that if there were less clutter, there’d be less to clean…I do have a spring break tradition of cleaning out my pantry, so at least I should get that done. Good luck with your de-cluttering project.

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  4. One of my retirement goals is to go through this house and seriously declutter. I’m actually making progress and it feels so good. There are so many things we simply do not need anymore and purging ultimately leads to freedom. Good luck and Happy Spring!


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