#SOL17 Central College Community

My undergraduate was completed in the land of tulips and windmills. Pella maintains what Holland looked like in the past. Beyond the wooden shoes and Dutch charm, I learned what community service meant.

Central College emphasizes serving the area you live in. Their mission is to create a community of collaborative learners who value civic responsibility, critical thinking and diversity. Service learning projects are worked into various courses. Every graduate of Central College has completed at least 1. In my four years, I completed 9 service learning projects.  The placements further developed the content of course and allowed for real world experience.

On of these placements occurred in my Grant Writing Course. I initially took the course under recommendation of my mentor teacher. My mentor teacher just finished writing a grant for MacBooks at her school, and thought that it would be a good skill for me to learn.

The course was co-taught by one of my English professors and the director of service learning. I remember this course being one of the most rewarding experiences of my undergraduate. It was a time that I can remember my writing being powerful and valuable.

After my juniors showed interest in writing grants, I reached out to the director of service learning. I was curious if she would share some of her resources for teaching grant writing.

The email that I received today blew me away:

I would be very happy to send materials your way.  Here’s what would be even better, if you deem it appropriate: Could we do an electronic workshop?  I have a brief presentation that I designed for a group of AmeriCorps members—it’s about grant writing, and it is in a 30 or 40 minute format.  All you need on your end is a computer with a camera and microphone. (It could be projected on a larger screen if you want)  I could send a few documents that you could print and distribute to your class.

Instead of a powerpoint or handout she volunteered to do an online workshop. I am so grateful to be an Alumni of Central College.

Go Community Service! Go Grant Writing! Go Dutch!


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