#SOL17 Currently 

This week is chaos. Between grades being due tomorrow to two long days of conferences, my mind is split. 

Inspired by Bev Baird’s slice “Currently “, I decided to give it a try.

I felt like the choppy and chaotic nature of the currently list captured my choppy and chaotic mind. 


I stare at the infinite tabs open on my screen.

I unintentionally intellionally turn down my online master course as I shift through my unfinished projects 

I search for grants for the library 

As I ponder…

Why are all the grants I want gone?

Am I a bad teacher for not looking sooner?

How to organize my grant writing group?

Will my college grant writing professor help me teach another generation?

What will I do with my library next year?

In 5 years?


What I am learning?

To relax when I can 

To drink coffee when I can’t 

What I am creating?

A library makerspace

Student that care about others 

A lively library

What I am reading?

Cinder by Marissa Meyers 

A student suggestion from GoodReads 

My escape.


6 thoughts on “#SOL17 Currently 

  1. That sounds overwhelming for sure! I also like this “Currently” idea and would like to try it. It seems like a good way to actually organize your feelings in the face of being overwhelmed by them!


  2. I like this idea for a post. Hopefully writing about it has helped you work through some of the chaos. You also helped remind me that I need to submit my own grades in the morning!


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