I hate a full week of half days.

Today I had a large group of seniors camp out in the library today and attempted to build a fort out couch cushions. 

 I get the sentiment. I have built many forts in my days. I may have built one a few months ago and watched Netflix with my husband. 

Personally, I find the couch cushions to be disgusting. Then giving the fact that parent teacher conferences are this week, I put a big fat no on the fort building. 

Of the many things that are stressing me out this week, there are some silver linings. These are the things that are keeping me sane:

1. Slurping egg drop soup with my favorite art teacher. 

2. Fellow teachers sending me awesome educational articles. 

3. Having caffeinated conversations with my instructional coach.

4. Seeing my students beam with pride from their essays.

5. My husband buying me cookies and milk. 

6. Finding an amazon prime box in the mail. (It is a bus of cheesy teacher stickers)

7. Seeing my dog dance with happiness when I get home.

8. Planning a weekend get away to St. Louis. 

9. Eating the special green salsa from the Mexican grocery store in town. 

10. Slipping into my oversized sweatpants at the end of a long day. 


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