#SOL17 Word of Praise

Over the roar of teachers and parents in the open water of the library. I sit nestled up to my classroom door with a pile of junk food and my laptop.

This is my forth parent teacher conference, and it still feel unnatural.

I survey the crowd in search of parents looming. I am an observant person and I can normally tell students parents by their mannerism.


In the corner of my eye I saw a student that had an extra sparkle in his eye as he came around with his mother.

The tall, gangly student walks around school with his head low. His goal is to limit conversations with other students and blend in.

I was a premeditated first stop. He knew that I was going to say good things about him. He was correct.

In the few short months, I have seen this student’s love for writing blossom, especially his love for words. So much so that he started the word of the day.

I shared with his mother his different papers, his strengths, and his weaknesses.

I then told his mom that she needed to see one more thing. I opened the door to my classroom and shared his section of the board dedicated to his word of the day.

His mother laughed and praised him, “You always have the best words”.

Among the chaos, it is wonderful to have moments like these.



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