#SOL17 New Beginnings 

About an hour away from home, realty hit. Tomorrow is Monday and I have school. 

I normally don’t dread Monday until halfway through the day. I am normally pretty peppy or at least coffee makes me peppy. 

But, there it is. 

I want another day to kick back. To hang out with my husband. To cuddle with my nephew. To laugh with my siblings. 

I found myself I starting to seek my motivation.

Upon entering my house I am greeted by my puppy and a clean kitchen. 

My father-in-law saw we had a few things out and cleaned up for us so we didn’t have a mess to come home to.

I found a package of workout clothes on the table. It is cute enough that I will be motivated to workout soon. Or maybe get the registration for the gym downtown finished and workout there. 

My bus of stickers is ready to go for grading papers tomorrow. New pens and stickers always motivates me. And who doesn’t love stickers?

I check my email and there is a student looking for extra feedback on her essay.

Mondays kinda suck. Mondays after vacations really suck. 

Yet, somehow I know tomorrow won’t suck. 🙂


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