#SOL17 Reflect and Change

This week was a new quarter and a new start for many of my students. In the long, long hours I sat during conferences last week I reflected on my students’ grades and how they grew as a writer.

I felt like many of my students grew and worked hard, but their work did not show this. I decided this quarter I would grade my writer’s workshop days.

I wanted my students to know that I value the process of their writing. Every day my students are required to fill out a log at the end of the day telling me what they were working on, what their next steps are, and any lingering questions.It is more structured it and it emphasizes reflection.

We are two days in and one class hates it and the other class loves it. However, as much as they complain… I am seeing results.

My quiet and soft spoken students are finding their voices. When they have designated time to think out problems or questions they produce the most meaningful question asked all year.

I have started to reward fantastic questions with stickers from the sticker bus. I am really excited to see how this goes.