Tuesday Tickle

My husband and I live in old 4 bedroom farm house. Until last week, when we did a little spring cleaning, my husband and I had been sharing one rather small closet.

I now have not one, but two closets. Each one is separated by season and organized by color.

In my organization I found a funky pair of dress pants. I remember buying them from ThredUp 2 years ago and not being a fan. 

This morning as I was gazing at my closet they spoke to me. The black and white polka dots were saying, “rock me”.

I paired the funky khaki pants with polka dots with a long housecoat like sweater.

During 4th hour I hopped into a desk to assist a student and I heard a light rip and an felt an unfamiliar draft.

In that moment my heart stopped. I quickly finished helping the student and walked to the corner and reached behind my knee length sweater to (ass)ess the damage. 

I slowly reached back and I was screaming internally. My pants were not only ripped. They were totally destroyed. 

The rip started at the top of the pants and continued to reveal 1/2 of my booty.

I have never been a bigger fan of long sweaters than I was at this moment. 

Thankfully I had lunch right after class and I was able to sneak out and change my pants.

I put on jeans. I am only supposed to wear jeans on Friday, but I deserved it.


20 thoughts on “Tuesday Tickle

  1. Oh, this gave me a tickle alright! Maybe more than…I’m sorry this happened, but you handled it like a champ! I’m sure before the rip, you rocked these pants too. Thanks for making me smile (okay, laugh out loud)! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh no! I couldn’t help but laugh and then think “oh man what would I have done?” Thank goodness for long sweaters. I always tell myself I should keep an extra outfit in my car. After reading your slice, I’m gonna make sure to do that!

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  3. Sooo funny! That happened to another teacher friend… she had to wear her jacket the rest of the day! I sat down in a chair once, and broke it, so I know that feeling. You definitely deserved those jeans!


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