Today I Cried in School…

Today I cried in school…

I held back the floodgate till my throat was throbbing. My face turned blochy and the tears started to flow.

I was warned crying would happen during the first year of teaching. I have only experienced this once this whole year at it was after school, not during it. 

This crying was different. I wasn’t hurt or sad… I was humbled and proud. 

Today my door slamming, insult throwing, turning my hair gray student presented her final presentation.

She went above and beyond. I could tell she spent hours practicing and preparing.

I was cheering her in my seat, but the tears didn’t start flowing until the last slide.

“I want to give a special thank you to Mrs. Moore. Thank you for never giving up on me, even when you should have”

Today I cried in school, because I made a small difference. 


4 thoughts on “Today I Cried in School…

  1. You will always remember this student. Always remember too, that your kindness, thoughtfulness and your unwillingness to give up made such a powerful difference in the life of this young woman. Love you always.


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