#SOL17 Good Eye

Today, while talking to another staff member, I saw in the corner of my eye one of my students point at me and he proceeded to throw his hands up in the air. I, obviously, mimicked his actions as he did a victory lap  through the library. I could tell that this student was excited about the Iowa State win, because I was too.

I have an unhealthy obsession with college basketball. If you want to get me talking, just ask me about any college basketball team and I will talk for hours.

One of my favorite college  basketball players right now is Monte Morris. He is the point guard for Iowa State, and he is  phenomenal.  He has the best assist to turnover ratio in the county and he is the back bone of the team.

What I love most about this player is his ability to see what is happening across the floor. I have watched him play at the half court line and no matter how hard I  watch, I can barely follow where he is going to pass the ball next.He finds where the defense is weak, and is able to score off of this discovery.

I saw this “good eye” ability in my yearbook students today.

Yearbook is different from the other classes that I teach. My co-teacher and I only have three students… Though we be but little we are fierce. We are a team in every since of the word.

Today we evaluated different layouts. I was amazed by their attention to detail. My students could see if the space between a photo was off or if text was choppy from a mile away.


I am excited to see how this yearbook will turn out, but it is bittersweet. All three of my yearbook students are seniors this year. This is also true of Monte Morris.

I will enjoy the sweet moments for both my yearbook staff and my college basketball team.

Let the madness begin.

Kristina Moore is an English Teacher Librarian at a small Iowa high school. She likes to think of herself as a writer(ish). This is her first year of teaching and first year of SOL.


2 thoughts on “#SOL17 Good Eye

  1. College Basketball–this month I am focused on only one thing–Bball! Although, I’m a Hawkeye fan, I’ll cheer loud and long for the Cyclones as they play.

    I’m always impressed with yearbook advisors, it can be a thankless job in some aspects. Our yearbook is now a class for credit. Students have to “apply” for it and can be dropped at semester if they aren’t doing their job.


  2. I love my UVa Cavalier basketball team and I am mourning the fact that London Perrantes is a senior. Your post also reminded me of how much I loved being on the yearbook staff in high school.


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