#SOL17 Legend of the Ruthie Roll

Growing up breakfast was my favorite meal. If calories didn’t matter, I would eat it for every meal.

I always selected IHOP and Perkins for my birthday. 

Sometimes, I am feeling stawberry pancakes. Sometimes, I want a giant omelet. 

In my small town there is a legendary breakfast treat. Without a store, the only way to order it to know someone.

The legend, Ruthie Rolls.

There are frosted cinnamon rolls and carmel rolls with or without nuts.

These deliecticable rolls are created by a little old lady named, Ruthie. 

No team. No other employees. Just Ruthie. 

For every order, she wakes up around 4 o’clock to create the rolls. 

While Ruthie was getting out this morning. I was sound asleep. I pressed snooze twice. 

I did not make breakfast. Heck, I didn’t even make coffee. 

I woke up cranky. I was irritated for no reason. I just wanted it to be Saturday so that I could sleep in.

I rolled into school and grabbed a coffee cup still partially filled with the sludge of yesterday’s coffee. 

I stepped out of my library office, and before I entered the teacher lounge the scent hit me. 

The sweet carmel and doughy yeast scent hovered over the air and mesmerized me. 

I entered the teachers lounge and there I saw it. 

The holy grail. 

The end all be all. 

All of the exterior camel rolls had been removed and the center was the next piece.

Today I was blessed with the magical center roll and it changed the whole momentum of my day. 

Thank you Erin for sharing Ruthie rolls, and thank you Ruthie for baking them this morning. 

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