Yesterday while roaming through YouTube, I ran across a video by Jena Marbles called “Google Deep Dive”. Jena and her significant other sat together and searched various ideas that popped into their heads. They would take the information from the search and use it to fuel their next question.

Jena was engaged laughing and enjoying researching and learning. I thought to myself, this is what researching should look like. 

Researching has been on my mind all year. I wasn’t happy with how I taught the research paper last semester to my juniors. I focused so much on the product, that I forgot the process is more important. 

We as teachers cannot teach our students everything in the world. We can however, teach them to learn and their own learning process.
In one of my master’s courses I have been looking at the Guided Inquiry process. The Guided Inquiry process flips the narrative of how we teach research papers. 

It is easy when we introduce a large paper to focus on the rubric and how many book sources they will need before they start.

This causes more anxiety in students than it helps. I want to spend more time on how to come up with ideas and questions. By the time we get to formalities of the paper, my students will already have a firm foundation.

Jena Marbles will be my inspiration for our multi genre research papers next week as we start the “open stage”.
The first lesson will include children’s books, virtual museums, YouTube videos, and much more. 

I can’t wait to share! 🙂


3 thoughts on “#SOL17 

  1. Talk about empowerment! This will really give your students a firm foundation in learning research and inquiry, in the way that it was meant to be studied. Kudos to you! And I love that it has also made you more excited as well! I’m wondering how I might do this with my elementary school students. Thanks for getting ME thinking and thanks for sharing!


  2. I hope that you post more on this topic. I love how you explained what you noticed needed to be changed and developed a plan that addresses the issues that you identified. I definitely want to be a student in your class!


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